Fighting Game – Show off your ultimate fighting skills and win

In the modern gaming world, the fighting game genre is always one of the most popular genres. From exciting matches, enchanting skills, to unique characters and settings, fighting games always give players great experiences.

With the development of technology and gaming platforms, players can participate in fighting matches not only on computers but also on mobile devices.

A fighting game is a genre in which the player controls a character who participates in a duel with another character on a stage. Characters will usually have equal strength but will have separate skills. Gamers will have to use the films on the screen to launch basic attacks or special attacks. Combining buttons quickly and reasonably will help launch combo attacks that deal more damage than regular attacks.

In the gaming world, the fighting genre is always one of the most popular genres. From classic PC games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat.. to Mobile fighting games like Shadow Fight, Dragon Ball.., gamers have had many opportunities to show off their talents in fierce matches. with other competitors.

With realistic graphics, vivid sound, diverse gameplay and professional fighting system, fighting games have become an indispensable part of the gaming community.

Fighting game genres

  • Beat ’em up games: A famous fighting game genre in which players use martial arts skills or weapons to defeat opponents and advance to the next levels. This game genre is often designed in the form of continuous attacks, allowing players to defeat opponents with consecutive, prolonged attacks without stopping.
  • Platform fighting games: A genre of fighting games in which multiple characters fight on an independent platform and try to eliminate their opponents from the game. Often characters will have special skills, weapons, or moves to defeat opponents.
  • Versus fighting games: A fighting game genre in which two people or two groups of players fight each other on a split screen, using different skills and attacks to win. This genre often has many characters to choose from, each character has its own characteristics, skills, speed and strength. These games also often have different game modes such as single player mode, online multiplayer mode…