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Blade And Soul 2 – Blockbuster action role-playing game

Blade And Soul 2 is the sequel to the extremely popular role-playing game series not only in Korea but also in many countries around the world. If you are a fan of the open world MMORPG series and want to experience the game on mobile platforms, Blade And Soul 2 cannot be missed.


Blade and Soul 2 is the sequel to the very popular Blade and Soul by Korean game developers: NCSoft, the people behind Lineage. The events of the game will still be set in the same universe but the story will follow a completely new storyline where the heroes of part 1 have become legends in their own right.

Time has passed and a new journey has begun to unfold, new threats have emerged, and a great mystery is beginning to unravel. Just like the first game, Blade and Soul 2 will have a core focus on intense battles with some pretty fancy skills, a huge open world to explore and an epic storyline that sees ​past events echo through time.


Many people think that part 2 of Blade and Soul is simply an upgrade in graphics and plot. However, the truth is that NCSoft has improved the gameplay to make it more suitable for mobile gamers. The moves in the game will be simplified to make it easier for gamers to manipulate, even secondary skills such as dodging will be reduced to best optimize the fighting mechanism in the game.

Because it is an open world game, Blade and Soul 2 will encourage players to explore the world through sometimes difficult missions so that gamers avoid feeling bored when playing. A welcome point of the game is that it has many side quests to help players level up faster, this is especially useful for low-level players who are not level enough to participate in side-level activities.

Another new point in the gameplay of Blade and Soul 2 is that the publisher has installed intelligence on the bosses. They will know how to analyze and judge the player’s actions to come up with measures to limit the player’s abilities. This makes this game that seems to only know how to rush into killing, much more interesting and realistic due to its tactical requirements.

Blade and Soul 2 will still have many familiar features and activities such as:

  • Hunting demonic beasts: Hunt and collect certain types of demonic beasts to transform into power. The higher the monster’s level, the more strength it has.
  • Crafting: Creating specialized equipment. The more quests you do, the more materials you will have to create magical weapons.
  • Boss fight: This is the most famous mechanism in Blade and Soul because it is not simply about gathering as many people to rush in, but requires careful calculation and coordination between members.
  • PvP: Where gamers will directly compete with each other after a long period of training and understanding their skill sets.


Each character class in Blade And Soul 2 will have 2 genders, male and female. Once you choose your favorite character class, you can change the character’s appearance to suit your wishes and create difference.

  • Jin (Human race): A human race, with a delicate body, extensive knowledge and very strong physique.
  • Lyn (Spirit Race): A half-human, half-animal hybrid race, the children never grow up.
  • Gon (Dragon Clan): Is a human race, has a majestic appearance, is brave, and has a strong playing style.

How to download Blade And Soul 2 for Android, iOS

Currently, the game has only been released in South Korea. If you want to experience it, you can download the game according to our instructions. Note that the game currently has 2 versions (12) and (19) for ages 12+ and 19+. If you do not live in Korea, our advice is that you should download version (12) because version (19) will require you to identify yourself with a Korean ID card. The difference between these two versions is that version (12) will not have the item auction feature. Let’s get started

Download Blade And Soul 2 for Android

Step 1: You need to use a VPN, in this article I use Kiwi VPN to fake IP to Korea. Select Korea > Connect

Step 2: After successfully connecting, go back to your phone’s home screen, find and hold the Google Play Store icon on your phone > Select application information

Step 3: Select  Clear data

Step 4: After successfully deleting data, wait about 1 minute and then re-enter the Google Play store. After entering the store, two situations will occur

  • You can immediately find Blade And Soul 2 and download it
  • Not found

In case you cannot find it, you will do the following: Click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the store > Select Other Email > Search for Blade And Soul 2 and install

Download Blade And Soul 2 for iOS

  • Step 1: The first step you need to access Appstore > Select avatar image on Appstore > Select email address
  • Step 2: Select Country/Region > Change Country or Region > Select Korea
  • Step 3: Select Agree > Agree (You cannot log out, otherwise you will have to roam again from the beginning)
  • Step 4: Enter the necessary information (you cannot exit at this step)
    • Payment method: No
    • Enter your full name
    • Street, Room, Phone, City you can fill in freely
    • After filling in all information, click Next
  • Step 5: So you have successfully roamed, search for Blade And Soul 2 (블레이드&소울2(12)) and download the game

Note: On iOS, to be sure you have to perform roaming twice. Because if you transfer once, there will be a case where it will fail, only display Korean, you will find the game but won’t be able to download it, because your account has not roamed over to Korea but is still an American account, so you have to transfer once. Then it will completely transfer to Korea

Instructions for logging in and registering

Step 1: You can log in in many different ways, the simplest way is to use gmail

Step 2: After logging in, the game interface will look like the image below

Blade and Soul

Step 3: You need to authenticate by SMS to be able to log into the game. Select Security Options > Select Subscribe

Blade and Soul

Step 4: Check the Privacy Policy box and click Next

Blade and Soul

Step 5: Select a US number, enter your number and press OK

Blade and Soul

Step 6: Enter the confirmation code and click OK (Note to check the spam message section as well)

Blade and Soul

Step 7: So you have successfully registered, Security Options has turned green. Let’s start playing

Blade and Soul

: Blade and Soul

Step 8: Select Severs

Blade and Soul

Selcet Characters

Blade and Soul

Customize your character

Blade and Soul

Name ingame

Blade and Soul

Start Game

Blade and Soul

And here is the image in the game

General review of the game


  • Top graphics, clear storyline
  • Gameplay emphasizes strategy and requires calculation from the gamer
  • Rich in-game activities
  • English support


  • Requires very high phone configuration to provide a good experience.

Blade and Soul 2 is a visually appealing and action-packed MMORPG, download it now to experience it. If you have any questions regarding downloading or registering the game. You can contact [email protected] for specific instructions


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