Lost Pages: Deckbuilder

Lost Pages: Deckbuilder

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Android, iOS,

Unleash Your Inner Magic in Lost Pages: A Deckbuilding Adventure!

Calling all card game enthusiasts! Lost Pages isn’t your average magic duel. Ditch the repetitive gameplay and build your own strategic edge with a unique deckbuilding system.

Key features

  • Forge Your Destiny: Craft a personalized playstyle by constructing decks from a vast pool of elemental characters. Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Stone – each offers distinct abilities to master and combine for devastating effects.
  • The Magic Circle Beckons: Lost Pages isn’t just about cards. Unleash the power of the mystical Magic Circle, drawing upon ancient myths to fuel your strategies. Craft potent runes and artifacts, transforming the battlefield and maximizing your magical potential.
  • Endless Exploration Awaits: Conquer boredom with a staggering 46+ challenge modes, each demanding mastery of gameplay and deckbuilding. Lost Pages throws over 20 advanced technologies and ancient relics at your disposal, pushing your strategic thinking to new heights.
  • A World of Discovery: Immerse yourself in a world brimming with richly detailed elemental characters. Learn their lore, exploit their unique functions, and build a deck that reflects your strategic genius.
  • Lost in the Fun: Lost Pages is the perfect escape after a long day. Dive into captivating battles, explore the depths of deckbuilding, and lose yourself in the thrill of the Magic Circle. Download Lost Pages today and unleash the power within!
Lost Pages: Deckbuilder

Lost Pages: Deckbuilder


For: Android, iOS,


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