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De-stressing with Shooting Ball: A Fun and Relaxing Billiards Game

Feeling stressed? Shooting Ball offers a calming and enjoyable way to unwind. Sink those perfect shots and watch the balls disappear, one level at a time.

Challenge Accepted! Put your skills to the test against the best players or have a fun and exciting match with friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner – the key is to have fun and absorb the game at your own pace.

Key features

Unwind and Sharpen Your Skills

Shooting Ball offers a delightful billiards experience you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Hone your precision and sink balls with satisfying accuracy. Conquer ever-increasing difficulty in over 1000 levels, building your skills from beginner to pro.

Challenge Accepted!

Don’t just play, compete! Test your mettle against friends or challenge the best players around the globe. Whether you win or lose, Shooting Ball fosters a fun and engaging environment. The emphasis lies on enjoying the game, not chasing impossible victories.

A Billiard Paradise in Your Pocket

Forget expensive pool halls and noisy crowds. Shooting Ball brings the thrill of billiards to your mobile device. With just a touch and an internet connection, you can create realistic and immersive matches whenever you crave a challenge.

Level Up and Collect!

Shooting Ball boasts a staggering number of levels, each progressively more challenging. As you progress, you’ll unlock a collection of vibrant billiards balls, acting as trophies for your accomplishments. These include classic pool balls and special gem-like ones, signifying your expertise.

The Joy of Shared Success

Invite your friends to join the fun! Compete and collaborate, sinking colorful balls together. Who will emerge victorious? The element of surprise adds to the excitement.

Chat and Connect

While playing, engage with friends in a built-in chat feature. Share strategies, celebrate victories, and commiserate over tricky shots. Shooting Ball fosters a sense of community while you enjoy the game.

So, rack up some fun and dive into the world of billiards with Shooting Ball!


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