SODA – Natural Beauty Camera

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera

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Android, iOS,

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera is a super beautiful and completely free selfie photography and editing application from SNOW. SODA provides you with a set of editing tools, photo makeup, and portrait photography with depth effects for selfie enthusiasts. With this tool, creating beautiful, impressive, natural “selfie” photos is done extremely easily and quickly. How to download Soda is also quite simple. The apps are not banned or partitioned, so users can find them at the App Store or Google Play Store

Outstanding features

Diverse filters

Soda is a perfect choice to experiment with the most suitable filters for your skin. With these soda filters, you will immediately have beautiful, flawless skin. Collection of many different hot topics, styles, stickers. Besides, stylish filters are optimized for selfies, combined with perfect makeup right on each filter, giving you sparkling beautiful photos. The integrated makeup mode will help you get beautiful, shimmering photos right when taking a selfie without having to adjust too much.

Detailed face makeup and retouching tools

Soda application helps you edit details of facial parts. Difficult operations such as eye correction, chin correction, cheek augmentation, etc. are all performed smoothly while maintaining the original resolution, without wasting too much time doing it. All of these beauty effects can be used in conjunction with filters to create stunning selfies that highlight your best features (and hide your flaws). Each effect has an intensity bar for you to adjust to make it most reasonable and suitable for you

Automatic beauty effect

With the pre-installed automatic beauty feature, Soda helps users have perfectly beautiful photos on the first take without any further editing. Or for those of you who have other requirements during the photo taking process, you can use adjustment operations to have beautiful skin as desired, adjust other beauty effects during actual shooting, helping to save money. Save time and effort editing photos after taking them.

 Take artistic portrait photos

With just one touch, SODA will automatically focus on the subject you want to photograph using the portrait photography feature with depth effect and background blur on the app. You will easily get beautiful photos without needing a professional camera.

High resolution

You will get beautiful photos with HD high resolution photography on the Soda app. Even if they are selfie photos with the front camera, the Soda application still helps take beautiful, sparkling and clear images down to every line.

What’s in the latest SODA version?

  • Add smart beauty effects to selfies: the application suggests a series of face types for you to choose the most suitable option for you; Added 31 other detailed items to make the “selfie” photo more impressive.
  • Updated makeup feature: allows users to apply makeup to each part of the face as they like. Don’t forget to try SODA’s new lipstick colors and rich color lenses.

General assessment of the application


  • Rich collection of selfie-optimized filters.
  • Detailed facial makeup and retouching tools.
  • Beauty effects applied in real time.
  • Take artistic portrait photos with depth effects.
  • High resolution mode for impressive selfies.


  • In-app purchases
  • Many features require a paid subscription
  • 7 days free trial

With outstanding features such as facial detail editing, portrait effects, diverse color filters,… Soda – Natural Beauty Camera will be the perfect choice for you. Download and experience the great features that the application brings

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera


For: Android, iOS,


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