Simulation Games – Experience life in the virtual world

A simulation game is a game genre designed to simulate one or more aspects of life or the real world. In a simulation game, players will be taken into a virtual world and allowed to interact with it through controlling characters, events and situations just like in the real world. This genre comes in many different forms, including life simulations, construction simulations, management simulations, driving simulations, pet care simulations and many more.

Some examples of the simulation game genre include The Sims, SimCity, Euro Truck Simulator… These games are developed on many different platforms, including PC, console, mobile and tablet. The simulation game genre is becoming a large market with the continuous development of technology and the diversity of themes and gameplay styles.

Popular simulation game genres

  • Construction and management simulation: is a simulation game genre that requires players to build, expand, or manage fictional communities or projects with a limited amount of resources. Players will have to calculate allocation appropriately so that the city (country) has the ability to develop most rapidly. Some games can incorporate additional features for players to conquer other cities (countries).
  • Life simulation: A game genre that simulates the life of a person or character. The game primarily focuses on personal events, relationships, and the social ecosystem. Normally the game will let players choose conditions according to personal preferences without restricting or forcing players to follow a framework.
  • Vehicle simulation: A sub-genre of the simulation game genre, games in this genre will teach players how to control a certain vehicle (car, plane,…). The challenges in the game will usually test the player’s proficiency in vehicle control.