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House Flipper: Home Design

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About House Flipper: Home Design

House Flipper: Home Design & Simulator Games is a simulation game centered around cleaning and renovating houses, offering players the opportunity to independently tackle various tasks. Each mission boasts unique characteristics, and the rewards upon completion are satisfying. Additionally, players can utilize their in-game funds to purchase different items, enhancing the overall repair process. The experience is sure to evolve as players move from one house to another.

Execute detailed home renovation

In House Flipper, players immerse themselves in an engaging gameplay experience, assuming the role of a house repairman. This character is tasked with addressing any issues within the house, ranging from tidying up debris to fixing broken elements. Players navigate through different rooms, dedicating time to each assigned task. Upon successful completion, a monetary reward is granted.

The controls for the character are straightforward, featuring a joystick move button on the left side of the screen for easy navigation. The first-person perspective provides a realistic feel as players engage in various tasks. The right side of the screen houses a hands’ button, facilitating related activities through touch interactions.

Fulfilling house renovation work

Upon initiating House Flipper, players find themselves in a specific house, interacting with elements such as doors and objects. The hands’ button adapts to the context, guiding players to place or adjust items like dressers. Focus is primarily on the assigned tasks, minimizing unnecessary movement of other elements.

Mission details are displayed at the bottom of the screen, outlining a specific task to be performed. The instructions are clear, indicating the location and actions required for cleaning. Notably, items relevant to the quest stand out, simplifying identification and cleanup.

Varied missions and profitable returns

Players have the flexibility to choose any desired House Flipper quest, each presenting unique solutions and challenges. Tasks range from simple trash cleanup to more intricate processes like window stain removal or puddle cleaning, often requiring expenditure on replacement items.

Upon completing a quest, players receive immediate monetary rewards, allowing them to progress to other houses. Each residence presents a distinct blend of beauty and neglect, demanding repairs and cleaning. Some tasks necessitate the purchase of replacement items or materials like cement for wall repairs. Strategic spending ensures that the money earned exceeds the expenses incurred.

House Flipper: Home Design

House Flipper: Home Design


For: Android, iOS,


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