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Scaredy Teacher 3D: Prank Your Way to Payback!

Take on the role of a student in Scary Teacher 3D, a game where pranks are the name of the game! Play tricks on your strict teacher, Miss T, without getting caught. Utilize your cunning skills to complete each level with the most epic pranks!

Key features

  • New Pranks, New Fun: The latest update brings exciting new ways to torment Miss T! Choose from two new prank types: mess with her billiards game or give her a little electric surprise (don’t worry, it’s mild!). Each prank requires strategic thinking and skillful movement to avoid her watchful eyes. Get ready for a thrilling experience!
  • Why We Prank: Miss T isn’t exactly the nicest teacher. Her harsh punishments and unfair treatment towards students have fueled your desire for payback. Sneak into her house, unleash hilarious pranks, and watch her squirm!
  • Easy to Play, Fun to Master: The intuitive first-person controls make navigating the game a breeze. Use simple buttons for movement and interaction. Pick up objects, solve puzzles, and strategically place them to set up the perfect prank. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find a helpful tool that tracks Miss T’s movements, making it easier to avoid detection.
  • Level Up Your Pranks: Career mode is where you’ll hone your pranking skills. Each level presents a unique puzzle for you to solve. Complete specific objectives while staying hidden from Miss T. Observe her movements and learn her routines to become the ultimate prank master!
  • From Pranker to Fugitive: Once you’ve mastered the art of pranking in Career mode, test your skills in Multiplayer mode! This mode offers a twist: you can play as either the prankster or Miss T, the pursuer. Experience the thrill of the chase in expansive environments, strategize your escapes, and set cunning traps for your opponent!

Are you ready to become a prankster legend? Download Scary Teacher 3D and unleash some hilarious payback on your nemesis, Miss T!


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