Explore the world of strategy games

The world of video games is vast and diverse, many genres have been created to cater to the preferences of every gamer. Strategy games stand out as a unique and intellectually stimulating genre, characterized by an emphasis on strategic thinking, planning and resource management, which has carved out a distinct place in the world. game. play.

A strategy game is a genre of video games that requires players to make a series of decisions and choices to achieve specific goals. The genre has its origins in traditional board games such as chess and Go, which have been popular for centuries and have been the inspiration for digital adaptations. These early influences continue to shape the nature of strategy games, emphasizing the importance of strategic thinking.

Diverse genres

One of the defining characteristics of strategy games is their versatility. Some famous sub-genres of games include:

  • Auto Chess: Is a type of tactical chess game. The player’s task is to select and arrange generals on the board and let them fight each other. Players will have to clearly understand the properties of the pieces they have as well as read their opponents’ strategies to win.
  • Artillery Game: Artillery game genre will have a maximum of two or three players on the same map, players will fight, the last survivor will be the winner. To win, players need to accurately calculate the shooting trajectory as well as predict the enemy’s movement direction.
  • MOBA: Is a multiplayer online arena game genre. The main goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s main house and win.
  • Real-time strategy: Game genre that emphasizes tactical thinking to fight enemies and win rather than the element of luck. RTS games are developed in a unique direction, a game genre where all players participate at the same time and on the same large map.


Strategy games have cemented their place in the gaming world as a genre that offers a mentally engaging experience. Whether you’re conquering empires, commanding armies, or building civilizations, the genre offers a variety of challenges and experiences that appeal to a wide audience.