King of Defense 2: Epic TD

King of Defense 2: Epic TD

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

King of Defense 2: Defend Your Realm with Powerful Towers and Heroes!

King of Defense 2 throws you into an epic battle against monstrous invaders! Lead your hero and strategically placed towers to protect your realm from relentless waves of foes.

Key features

  • Unleash the Power of Combination Towers!: The game introduces a unique mechanic: combine weaker towers to create powerful hybrids! These upgraded towers boast impressive effects, giving you a strategic edge on the battlefield.
  • Heroes: Champions of Defense: Alongside your towers, powerful heroes stand as your champions. Utilize their unique skills to halt enemy advancements and secure victory.
  • Face a Growing Threat: Waves of increasingly powerful monsters threaten your realm. Defend strategically by placing towers on designated points and utilizing the terrain to your advantage. Remember, the number of towers you can build is limited, so choose wisely!
  • Upgrade Your Defenses: Invest in powerful upgrades to bolster your towers’ strength and unlock new abilities. As the enemies grow stronger, so must your defenses!
  • Discover New Heroes and Towers: Unlock a variety of powerful towers and valiant heroes, each with unique strengths to bolster your defenses.
  • Ready to Defend?: King of Defense 2 offers a thrilling blend of tower defense strategy and heroic action. Can you combine your towers effectively, unleash the power of your heroes, and defend your realm from the monstrous onslaught?
King of Defense 2: Epic TD

King of Defense 2: Epic TD


For: Android, iOS,


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