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Age of Z Origins – Zombies pandemic

Age of Z Origins takes players into a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, where survival depends on strategic prowess and resource management. Developed by CamelStudio, this mobile strategy game promises an exciting mix of base building, warfare, and zombie killing.


The Zombie pandemic breaks out, you will have to survive and build yourself a strong army, restore human civilization by destroying zombies, and rebuild your own city.

During the game, you will have many activities to do such as collecting resources, recruiting soldiers, researching weapons, building hospitals, farms, research centers, etc. You need to upgrade your facilities. regular program to increase its production and military capabilities.

The game also has many different stages of prosperity for you to explore. Each stage will bring you a newer world, more valuable rewards and more attractive features.

To help you progress faster in the game, you should also complete the assigned tasks. There are many different types of missions such as main missions, daily missions, etc. You will receive experience and resources to develop your city and army. However, you cannot survive alone in the world of Age of Z Origins.

You need to find and make friends with other players to fight together and support each other. You can also join an alliance to dominate the map together and participate in real-time battles with hundreds of other players around the world.

On the other hand, you should not ignore the events in the game. They are always updated and constantly changing. You will have the opportunity to receive special and valuable gifts when participating in these events.

General review of the game


  • Beautiful graphics, realistic fantasy setting, many diversely designed terrains
  • Highly tactical, forcing players to use their minds to win


  • In-app advertising

For strategy enthusiasts looking for a journey through a post-apocalyptic world, Age of Z Origins is a must-play. Download Age of Z Origins now and join the fight for survival in an apocalyptic world full of dangers and zombies. The apocalypse awaits – are you ready?


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