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Kiss of War – Attractive shooting game with beautiful graphics

Kiss of War is an engaging mobile strategy game that perfectly combines historical elements with innovative gameplay. Developed by Tap4Fun, this game takes players into a new historical context, where the main characters are no longer tall soldiers but beautiful heroines.

Kiss Of War is a strategy game combined with the FPS genre. Where players will participate in real battlefields, use classic guns or heavy sniper guns and lead their army into the enemy base, destroy them and win.


Kiss of War’s gameplay is an interesting combination of strategy, resource management, and real-time battles. Set in the chaotic period of World War II, you will take on the role of commander of the Allied forces, train many powerful warriors, and recruit beautiful agents as officers to lead the war. Lead your army, gather all the world’s commanders to eliminate the invaders, and ultimately build a stronger Allied force to maintain world peace.

The highlight of the game lies in the strategic battles. You will have to assemble an army of diverse historical units, each with unique abilities, and engage in real-time battles against other players. Tactical depth is enriched by the variety of commanders, each with their own special skills and attributes.

The control mechanism in Kiss Of War is quite familiar, like first-person shooter games. Your sniper weapon is also equipped with a remote viewfinder and the control keys for shooting, reloading, and aiming are also arranged scientifically and appropriately, making them easy to control for mobile gameplay.

What awaits you in Kiss of War?

  • Management system: Kiss of War game applies a groundbreaking control system in which the player has command of several military forces on the battlefield. Attack, build shelters, change targets, adjust routes… Run everything the way you want. To win, you not only need strong forces, but also a good strategic mind.
  • Realistic scenarios: Based on the real geography of Europe during World War II, developer tap4fun has built vivid cities and battlefields, especially iconic buildings that most gamers can recognize. In addition, the developer also designed and modeled famous war weapons that were used during World War II, bringing players back to this legendary era.
  • Confront many opponents: In Kiss of War, gamers not only have to encounter AI but also confront other players from around the world. Therefore, you will have to apply and deploy more strategies to win against them or entice them to become your allies and confront other strong opponents.

General review of the game


  • The combination of base building and real-time battles provides an engaging gaming experience
  • Set in the historical context of World War II, it adds more intensity to the game
  • Command system with many skills
  • High quality graphics


  • In-app purchases
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Kiss of War successfully combines historical elements with strategic gameplay, providing a thrilling experience for fans of the genre. Download Kiss of War now and begin your journey back to World War II, where your tactical prowess will shape the course of history


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