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Solar Smash

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Become the Architect of Annihilation

Embark on a cosmic rampage in Solar Smash, a planet-busting simulation game where you hold the fate of worlds in your fingertips. Choose from an arsenal of devastating weapons, each categorized for easy selection:

  • Outer Space Phenomena: Wreak havoc with meteor showers, black holes, or even hurl another planet at your target.
  • Rockets: Unleash a barrage of missiles, tapping the screen to witness spectacular explosions.
  • Lasers: Incinerate planets with powerful laser beams or freeze them solid with chilling precision.
  • Modern Devices: Deploy high-tech satellites that burrow into planets, triggering catastrophic detonations.
  • Extraterrestrial Beings: Summon monstrous worms, colossal octopuses, or even a super-powered human to wreak havoc.

Variety is the Spice of Devastation

With each weapon offering multiple options, your destructive creativity knows no bounds. Discover the unique effects of each tool and experiment with different combinations to orchestrate planetary obliteration in style.

Beyond the Boom:

  • Unlock Hidden Worlds: Destroy specific planets to unlock even more bizarre celestial bodies, shaped like donuts, snowmen, and other surprises.
  • Earn Achievements: Rack up accolades for your planetary pulverization and track your progress in this cosmic conquest.

Solar Smash is more than just a planet-smashing simulator; it’s a playground for your destructive imagination. So unleash your inner cosmic overlord and embark on a journey of epic annihilation!


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