Fly Corp: Airline Manager

Fly Corp: Airline Manager

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Android, iOS,

Fly Corp: Airline Manager – Take Flight and Build Your Aviation Empire

Ever dreamt of soaring as an airport tycoon? Fly Corp: Airline Manager lets you take the controls! In this expansive game, the world is your playground, with hundreds of cities and 200 countries begging for your air transport networks.

Key features

Build your empire, brick by brick. From bustling hubs to remote outposts, craft the perfect airport for each location. Consider local conditions, passenger needs, and travel distances to optimize your routes and dominate the skies. Europe’s short hops demand different strategies than the vast Atlantic crossings. Mastering the art of customer flow is key to success.

But your kingdom needs more than just runways. Fly Corp empowers you to design and upgrade your airports and aircraft, tailoring them to each city’s unique needs. Invest in infrastructure, upgrade your fleet, and handle any bumps along the way – your passengers deserve a smooth journey.

More than just a game, Fly Corp is a strategic challenge. Think ahead, adapt to changing conditions, and make smart decisions to keep your airline soaring high. Master the skies, build an aviation empire, and become the legend your passport dreams of!

Here’s what makes Fly Corp: Airline Manager stand out:

  • Global reach: Build your network across 200 countries and thousands of cities.
  • Strategic depth: Adapt your approach to each city’s unique needs and travel patterns.
  • Customization options: Design and upgrade your airports and aircraft to perfection.
  • Incident management: Keep your passengers happy and your business running smoothly.
  • Endless possibilities: Become the aviation tycoon you were always meant to be!

Ready to take off? Fly Corp: Airline Manager awaits. Buckle up and prepare for the flight of your life!

Fly Corp: Airline Manager

Fly Corp: Airline Manager


For: Android, iOS,


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