EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

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Android, iOS,

EMERGENCY HQ: Manage the Chaos and Save Lives

Become a hero in EMERGENCY HQ, a thrilling rescue simulation game! Take charge of various emergency forces – firefighters, medics, police, and more – and lead them on urgent missions to save lives. Each force has its unique role, and you’ll strategize the deployment order for optimal rescue effectiveness.

Key features

  • New Oktoberfest Challenge: Face unique fire emergencies during the festive Oktoberfest event. Deploy fire trucks, ambulances, and cranes to tackle these complex challenges and ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Build Your Rescue Headquarters: Craft your own HQ from the ground up. Construct fire stations, medical centers, and other essential facilities to prepare for diverse emergencies. The more facilities you build, the better equipped you’ll be.
  • Expand Your Fleet: Each new building adds a corresponding emergency vehicle to your team, gradually building your rescue force. This diverse fleet allows you to handle incidents of varying scales efficiently.
  • Strategic Gameplay: EMERGENCY HQ focuses on tactical decision-making. You won’t directly control characters; instead, you’ll strategically assign tasks to specific rescue teams. An intuitive tutorial guides new players through the game’s mechanics.
  • Assess and React: When an emergency arises, quickly assess the situation and determine the necessary actions. Dispatch multiple vehicles simultaneously, and tap on specific teams to view their available activities, represented by clear icons. The rescue process is not linear – you might need to clear obstacles before administering first aid, demanding quick and strategic decisions.
  • Conquer Challenging Levels: Immerse yourself in a variety of challenging levels that test your responsiveness and decision-making skills. Earn money and experience after each mission, allowing you to further develop your HQ and unlock new resources.

EMERGENCY HQ is an engaging game that lets you experience the thrill of rescue operations and the satisfaction of saving lives. Play now and become a hero!

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy


For: Android, iOS,


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