Cooking Truck – Food Truck

Cooking Truck – Food Truck

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Unleash Your Inner Culinary Entrepreneur in Cooking Truck!

Ever dreamt of owning a restaurant chain on wheels? Cooking Truck lets you turn that dream into a reality! This unique game transforms your smartphone into a mobile food empire. You’ll be the mastermind behind a chain of culinary-themed trucks serving delicious dishes to busy customers.

Key features

Crafting Your Culinary Canvas:

  • Conceptualize your dream menu: Brainstorm with friends and develop a menu that tantalizes taste buds.
  • Plan and Execute: Cooking Truck provides you with massive trucks equipped for efficient food preparation and transportation.
  • Master the Kitchen: Hone your culinary skills and prepare large batches of fresh, mouthwatering dishes.

Building Your Business Empire:

  • Assemble your culinary crew: Enlist friends who share your passion for food to help you manage the growing business.
  • Regular Menu Revamps: Keep your customers excited with frequent menu updates, introducing new and innovative dishes.
  • Expand your reach: Earn profits and invest them in opening more mobile restaurants, creating a vast food truck empire!

Cooking Truck empowers you to:

  • Embrace bold business ideas: Be the first to introduce the unique concept of a mobile food chain.
  • Become a culinary entrepreneur: Manage all aspects of your business, from menu creation to customer satisfaction.
  • Experience the thrill of growth: Witness your food truck empire expand across the city!

Are you ready to embark on this delicious journey? Download Cooking Truck and unleash your inner culinary entrepreneur today!

Cooking Truck – Food Truck

Cooking Truck – Food Truck


For: Android, iOS,


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