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Farming Simulator 18

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Farming Simulator 18 – Build and develop your farm in the virtual world

Farming Simulator 18 gives players a unique and engaging experience in the virtual agricultural world. Developed by Giants Software, the game turns players into a true farmer, developing and managing their farm, from sowing to harvesting, expanding… making strategic decisions to Build an agricultural empire


In the vast virtual fields of Farming Simulator 18, you will start with rudimentary machines, responsible for managing your crops and livestock. Your main goal is to turn a small farm into a farm with a larger agricultural scale.

Have a multi-purpose tractor in your home inventory, capable of attaching trailers and tools for tasks such as plowing and seeding. Comes with a compact but effective rice threshing machine, indispensable in the process of harvesting your crops. These are the items that will help you in the first difficult stages, later you need to upgrade and buy more advanced machines.

Success comes from your strategy: sow, harvest, sell, earn and invest. However, farming and harvesting make up only a small part of Farming Simulator 18. To be successful, you need to see the possibilities around you from logging to managing different breeds of livestock. such as sheep, cattle and pigs. Regardless of your strategy, detailed planning is a must for expanding into specific areas of agriculture or livestock, which involves purchasing specialized land and purchasing essential tools.

Each farming mission introduces unique technologies and vehicles that require you to master. As a simulation game, Farming Simulator 18 controlling the vehicles in Farming Simulator 18 requires patience and precision to maximize their potential. Notably, these agricultural vehicles reflect their real-life counterparts, contributing to a realistic and immersive gaming experience.

Exciting things are waiting for you in Farming Simulator 18

  • Diverse crops and livestock: From wheat and corn to cows and sheep, players have many agricultural activities to explore.
  • Realistic Machinery: The game features a wealth of real-life farming equipment and vehicles, allowing players to choose the right tool for the job.
  • Challenging Missions: Players can take on challenging missions to test their farming skills and receive rewards to expand their farm
  • Multiplayer mode: Farming Simulator 18 allows players to connect with friends and work together on their farms, adding a social element to the gaming experience.

General review of the game


  • Use realistic agricultural tractors and trucks from the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers.
  • Grow and harvest many different types of crops and animals
  • Detailed, realistic 3D graphics
  • Play with friends in local multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth.


  • For new players, they will feel the complexity right from the start
  • Because it is an open world simulation game, it requires high-configuration devices

Farming Simulator 18 is not just a simulation game, this is a journey to show your abilities. Experience the peaceful countryside landscape, develop the farm…. Download Farming Simulator 18 and watch your farm grow day by day

Farming Simulator 18

Farming Simulator 18


For: Android, iOS,


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