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Delicious World – Interesting restaurant management game

Delicious World – Cooking Game is a cooking simulation game. You will transform into chef Emily, serving food to customers, traveling the world, going on dates,… and there are many interesting things in her journey to become an excellent chef. This.


You will transform into chef Emily, cooking and serving customers great dishes. Cooking is also quite simple, just touch the ingredients in the correct order and the dish will be created.

Each level chapter will be a country with different cooking tasks. As chef Emily, you will have the opportunity to visit and travel to many places such as Italy, France, Germany,… and create unique and attractive dishes.

The plot will change with each chapter, Emily will also meet different interesting characters in each chapter such as lovers, advisors, rivals,…

When you accumulate a lot of bonuses from completing tasks, you can buy more kitchen items, support items, travel, go on dates,… If you don’t have enough bonuses, you can Buy in-game items with real money.

Graphic – Sounds

The game is designed with simple 2D graphics with eye-catching colors. The items in the game are drawn in detail and are very cute. In addition, the game also has effects such as angry faces of customers when waiting for a long time, super cute expressions of Emily and characters appearing in the story in each chapter.

The pleasant sounds in the game create a more enjoyable feeling for players, avoiding boredom and pressure when the requirements in the game become more and more difficult.

It can be said that Delicious World – Cooking Game is a good cooking simulation game, worth playing with many interesting features such as dating, traveling,… Along with simple, cute graphics and attractive colors. eyes, this game gives players interesting and wonderful experiences through each chapter. Download and experience now!


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