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Township – Farm building simulation game

For those who are interested in playing farm simulation games and building the modern city of their dreams, Township is one of the games worth considering with cute graphics and simple, entertaining gameplay. Township is a city construction and management simulation game released by Playrix. You will create a virtual city full of activities such as farming, business, production…


Gameplay of Township

The game combines city building and farming with the same gameplay as other farm building simulation games. Every day, you harvest and build your city to grow more and more. attracts many residents to live.

You will be given specific and detailed instructions at the beginning of the game so you can easily access and get acquainted, from growing crops to transporting and buying items to support farming and building construction. Once you get acquainted, you can freely build your city, buy decorative items, and build streets to optimize the land area you have.

The game currency is “T-cash” and “T-Dollars”.

  • T-Dollars are used to buy cells, increase productivity and speed up production and scale up.
  • T-cash is used to buy factories, buildings, and agricultural products.

Experience points are used to level up and get more types of agricultural products. You can through missions to receive and accumulate “T-cash” and also “T-Dollars”. Note to avoid wasting T-Dollars to speed up progress, it will make the game easier and less interesting.

Gameplay of Township

How to make money fast in Township

Achieve achievements

The first way you can earn T-cash is to achieve achievements in Township through completing assigned tasks. Most achievements consist of 3 individual missions and your reward after achieving it will be T-cash plus experience points.

Achieve achievements

Buy with real money

This is the simplest and fastest way for you to have more T-cash but is also the most expensive. That means you deposit real money to buy T-cash in Township.

Balloon reward

  • Friends’ balloons: You will receive T-cash or coins when your friends send you gifts (maximum 5 gifts/day).
  • Yellow balloons: You can find it in your city or your friends’. The rewards included are building materials, warehouses, mining tools, and 3-6 T-cash. (Get free 1 time/day and 3 times need 3 T-cash to open).
  • Ernie’s Balloon: After you complete any request from his city, you can receive 1 T-cash/day every 24h.

Send orders by train or plane

Customer orders do not only appear at each helipad area. Check out the train station, where there are always trains waiting to be loaded with goods. It is important to send goods by train as soon as possible. The rewards for this will be different than when sending goods by helicopter, but both are equally important.

Instead of receiving gold or experience, trains will bring back construction materials, such as nails, wall paint, hammers, etc. These items are essential to completing construction projects, and without them you will not be able to build more buildings in your city.

Send orders by train or plane

Upgrade the warehouse as much as possible

Since everything produced in the Township is stored in a warehouse, it will frequently need to upgrade its capacity to prevent being overloaded. If too much stuff is stored in the warehouse, it won’t be able to hold the goods you produce later.

Upgrading the warehouse requires building materials, which the player obtains by fulfilling orders by train. So make sure to focus on these orders, as we said above. Sometimes spending T-cash to ship goods immediately will be necessary if you need those materials right away.

Build a Lucky House

Building a Lucky House will give you the opportunity to earn free T-cash. Try your luck by choosing 1 of the 9 chests offered. To play this game, players must have a Four-Leaf Clover, an item that can be earned by helping other players.

Actively participate in the event

Township has many events. Check out the South Side Events Calendar to stay up to date with current events. Actively participate in events to have a chance to receive T-cash and many other rewards.

General review of the game


  • Beautiful graphic design
  • There are many activities
  • There is community connection through social networks
  • Playable on many platforms
  • Updated frequently


  • In-App Purchases
  • Time-Consuming

For those of you looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience, Township is a must download. With seamless integration of city building and farming, interactive social elements, and creative customization options, Township offers hours of entertainment. Join the Township community, build the city of your dreams, and experience the joy of managing a bustling, thriving town. Download Township now and embark on a city building journey.


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