MoArt: Story & Video Maker

MoArt: Story & Video Maker

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Android, iOS,

Craft Captivating Video Stories with MoArt

MoArt empowers you to create stunning video stories with ease. Dive into a library of pre-designed templates boasting impressive visuals. Browse effortlessly through various categories and select the perfect template for your vision.

Key features

  • Effortless Story Creation in a Few Taps: MoArt caters to social media enthusiasts with its intuitive interface. Upon launch, you’ll be greeted by a user-friendly layout showcasing a plethora of templates readily available for your story. This streamlined approach ensures the creation of awe-inspiring stories in just a few simple steps.
  • Template Magic: Unleash Your Creativity: MoArt stands out with its diverse collection of content and design-rich templates. Simply insert your favorite images, and with a few tweaks, you’ll have a masterpiece ready to share. MoArt’s user-friendly approach caters to a broad audience, making story creation accessible to everyone.
  • Explore a World of Themes: MoArt boasts a unique and engaging interface featuring a vast selection of categorized templates. These categories are conveniently organized with keywords for effortless navigation. Additionally, each category showcases a preview of the final product, aiding you in selecting the ideal template. Prepare to unlock a treasure trove of creative possibilities beyond adding images.
  • Enhance Your Visuals with Filters and Effects: Transform your images with MoArt’s impressive editing capabilities. Similar to photo editing apps, MoArt allows you to add filters and witness a dramatic transformation in your image’s color scheme. Unleash your inner artist with MoArt’s effect brushes, seamlessly incorporating any effect you desire. Take your video stories to the next level with trendy glitch effects, perfect for adding a touch of modern flair.
  • Craft Captivating Text Overlays: MoArt elevates your video stories with the power of text manipulation. Effortlessly add and edit text, controlling its content, format, and presentation. You have complete control over text alignment, size, color, and more, allowing you to bring your video’s message to life.
  • Find the Perfect Soundtrack: Since MoArt primarily focuses on image-based templates, they lack built-in sound. However, fear not! MoArt empowers you to add a captivating soundtrack to elevate your video’s impact. Explore a curated music library featuring diverse themes, including local options. Simply tap on a keyword to discover a relevant playlist, then select the perfect segment to weave into your story.

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MoArt: Story & Video Maker

MoArt: Story & Video Maker


For: Android, iOS,


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