Fruit Warriors Codes: Latest update July 2024

Fruit Warriors is a 3D action role-playing game inspired by the popular anime and manga series One Piece. In the game, players take on the role of a pirate who travels the seas, completing quests, fighting enemies, and leveling up.

The game features a variety of different fruits that players can eat to gain special abilities. These abilities can range from elemental attacks to healing spells. Players can also customize their characters with a variety of different weapons, armor, and cosmetics.

Fruit Warriors is a fun and challenging game that is perfect for fans of One Piece or anyone who enjoys action RPGs. The game is free to play on the Roblox platform.

The latest Fruit Warriors 2024 codes is being sought after by many gamers. It will bring players many valuable rewards to increase their gaming experience. Take a look at the list below.

Fruit Warriors Codes Update July 2024

  • 10MVISITS! – 25k beli and two tokens
  • RUMBLE – double XP for one hour
  • UPDATE2 – five tokens

Note: The latest Fruit Warriors codes will be specifically specified by the publisher regarding usage time. Therefore, the status of these codes may change over time. Please use it quickly to avoid expiration.

How to enter Fruit Warriors Codes

Step 1: Open the Roblox game and search for Fruit Warriors (if you haven’t downloaded Roblox yet, you can download it right here)

Fruit Warriors Codes

Step 2: At the main interface of the game, select Settings

Fruit Warriors Codes

Step 3: Enter one of the codes above in the TYPE CEP HERE… box and click REDEEM

Fruit Warriors Codes

Fruit Warriors is a fun and addictive Roblox game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. With a variety of fruits to choose from, each with its own unique abilities, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And with the help of our Fruit Warriors codes, you can get started on your journey to becoming the ultimate fruit warrior. We hope you enjoy playing Fruit Warriors!

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