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Boost Your English with Advanced English Dictionary!

Need a companion app to supercharge your language learning and everyday life? Look no further than Advanced English Dictionary This mini-dictionary packs a punch, empowering you to:

Key features

Search Smarter, Speak Easier:

  • Effortless Voice Search: Ditch the typing! Speak your query into the mic and see results instantly. Accurate translations just a breath away.
  • Personalized Vocabulary Builders: Get daily reminders for targeted vocabulary learning, tailored to your goals. Master those must-know words at your own pace.

Expand Your Horizons:

  • Thematic Idioms Made Easy: Grasp the nuances of English idioms with topic-based breakdowns. From greetings to slang, communication becomes a breeze.
  • Level Up Your IELTS Prep: Conquer the test with 5,000 essential vocabulary words and countless maxims. Ace your speaking and writing with targeted tools.

Memorable Learning at Your Fingertips:

  • Irregular Verbs Demystified: No more verb conjugation woes! Master tricky verbs with handy tables and clear explanations.
  • Favorites List for Quick Reference: Save those golden words and phrases for later. Build your personal arsenal of linguistic gems.

More than just a dictionary:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Improve your English daily with bite-sized communication exercises. Chat with the app, learn greetings, and polish your fluency bit by bit.
  • Student’s Best Friend: Become a vocabulary whiz and communication confident. Develop strong language skills for academic success and beyond.

Ready to embark on your linguistic adventure? Download Advanced English Dictionary Meanings & Definitions today and let your learning soar! Leave a review and share your progress – we’re always evolving to bring you the best possible learning experience.

Don’t wait, unlock your English potential now!

Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary


For: Android,


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