Alarmy – Alarm Clock & Sleep

Alarmy – Alarm Clock & Sleep

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Alarmy: Conquer Your Morning Slumber with Fun Challenges

Tired of hitting snooze and drifting back to sleep? Alarmy, Challenge Alarm Clock is here to shake you awake and kickstart your day with interactive challenges that guarantee you’re fully up and running (or walking, scanning, or typing!).

Key features

  • Wake-Up Warriors: Ditch the snooze button! Alarmy throws down the gauntlet with tasks like finding objects, scanning barcodes, or even taking a short walk. Complete the mission, and the alarm stops. Fail to follow through, and the insistent chime keeps you on your toes.

  • Brain Bootcamp: Feeling foggy? Alarmy’s got your back (or rather, your brain) with quick quizzes and mental puzzles. Tackle math problems, type uplifting quotes, or answer trivia questions. These brain teasers will have you sharp and ready to seize the day.

  • Movement Matters: Get your blood pumping with light exercises like squats or taking a set number of steps. These gentle movements will chase away drowsiness and get your body prepped for action.

  • Sobriety Scale: Alarmy monitors your performance to gauge your wakefulness. Depending on your accuracy and speed, it adjusts the difficulty of the challenges, keeping you engaged and focused.

  • Double Dose of Wake-Up Calls: Don’t worry, sleep-lovers, Alarmy has your back (literally). Set a backup alarm with a different sound to ensure you’re truly awake. No more hitting snooze on auto-pilot!

Alarmy is more than just an alarm clock; it’s a wake-up call to a more mindful and productive morning. Ditch the snooze button, embrace the challenge, and conquer your sleepiness with Alarmy, Challenge Alarm Clock.

So, are you ready to win the battle against the snooze button and greet the day with a smile? Download Alarmy today and experience the joy of a truly awake morning

Alarmy – Alarm Clock & Sleep

Alarmy – Alarm Clock & Sleep


For: Android, iOS,


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