Borealis – Icon Pack

Borealis – Icon Pack

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Borealis: Unleash Your Personalization Power

Dive into a vibrant world of customization with Borealis, your one-stop app for transforming your device’s look and feel. Explore an immense library of unique and eye-catching icon packs that span diverse themes and styles. From sleek minimalism to whimsical cartoon characters, find the perfect set to express your personality.

Key features

Immerse yourself in a visual feast:

  • Unleash a cascade of icon packs: Each pack boasts characteristic beauty and a refreshing atmosphere, ready to breathe new life into your interface.
  • Dive deeper with profound customizations: Tweak every detail to your liking, crafting the perfect combination within each pack.
  • Embrace the ever-evolving landscape: Regularly updated content guarantees you’ll always discover the newest and rarest icon packs.

Effortless transformation at your fingertips:

  • Automatic installation makes switching themes a breeze: Watch as your chosen icons effortlessly replace outdated ones across all compatible applications.
  • Embrace the manual touch: Feeling adventurous? Handpick specific icon packs and assign them to individual apps for a truly personalized touch.
  • Unleash endless possibilities: Experiment with different styles and combinations, making your device a reflection of your unique flair.

Complement your icons with breathtaking backdrops:

  • Borealis isn’t just about icons: Stunning wallpapers with distinct Borealis themes await, ready to complement your chosen icon pack and create a cohesive visual masterpiece.
  • Smart filters are your allies: Organize your wallpaper collection with ease, find the perfect match in a flash, and select multiple favorites at once.
  • Personalize it further: Set your own photos as wallpaper, infusing your device with a touch of you.

Command your experience with an intuitive dashboard:

  • Borealis puts control at your fingertips: The customizable dashboard lets you streamline app interactions and customize gestures.
  • Deep personalization is key: Craft a layout that reflects your workflow and preferences, maximizing efficiency and convenience.
  • Unlock hidden potential: Discover innovative features and shortcuts that elevate your app experience to new heights.

Can’t find the perfect icon pack? No problem!

  • Borealis empowers you to request specialized or themed icon packs: Submit your ideas and get notified when a pack matching your desires joins the library.
  • Become a co-creator: Design and propose your own icon packs for multiple apps, sharing your vision with the Borealis community.

Borealis is more than just an app; it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. With its rich content, endless customization options, and collaborative spirit, it empowers you to craft a device that’s truly yours. So, step into the vibrant world of Borealis and unleash your creative spirit!

Borealis – Icon Pack

Borealis – Icon Pack


For: Android,


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