Calm – Sleep, Meditate, Relax

Calm – Sleep, Meditate, Relax

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Android, iOS,

Unlock Inner Peace with Calm: Your Guided Meditation Sanctuary

Struggling to find your zen? Look no further than Calm, the ultimate app for meditation, sleep, and relaxation. Dive into a rich library of expertly crafted topics, spanning guided meditations, calming skills lessons, and sleep-soothing practices. Immerse yourself in serene soundscapes like wind chimes and babbling brooks, designed to melt away stress and cleanse your soul.

Key features

Daily Dose of Mindfulness:

  • New experiences each day: Start your day with a fresh 10-minute meditation program, perfect for calming post-work nerves or easing into a peaceful morning. Choose from light and simple sessions tailored to your schedule.

Weekly & Monthly Enrichment:

  • Weekly delights: Elevate your journey with exclusive soundtracks and mesmerizing lullabies every week.
  • Monthly wisdom: Expand your practice with a brand new meditation program each month, backed by renowned psychologists and therapists.

Master Your Inner Journey:

  • From beginner to master: Whether you’re a meditation newbie or a seasoned practitioner, Calm caters to all levels. Start with concise 3-minute sessions and progress to longer, unguided meditations at your own pace.
  • Breathe Easy: Master the art of mindful breathing with dedicated classes and exercises. This skill will enhance your focus and deepen your relaxation during meditation.

Nature’s Soundtrack for Serenity:

  • Music to your soul: Calm’s original music library features gentle, nature-inspired melodies designed to lull you into a state of profound calm. The music comes with evocative names and visuals, perfect for meditation, yoga, or even drifting off to sleep.

Stories that Soothe the Soul:

  • Sleepytime tales: Beyond meditation, Calm offers over 100 sleep stories for adults seeking deep relaxation and meaningful insights.

Life Lessons from Wisdom Masters:

  • Learn from the best: Gain access to programs and classes by renowned psychologists and professors, delving into the wisdom of simple living and profound life lessons.

Track Your Progress:

  • Stay motivated: Monitor your meditation journey with Calm’s timer tools. Track your total meditation time, daily streaks, and milestones achieved.

Calm your mind, nourish your soul, and discover the power of stillness with Calm. Take the first step towards a happier, more balanced you today.

Calm – Sleep, Meditate, Relax

Calm – Sleep, Meditate, Relax


For: Android, iOS,


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