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Introducing Chat GPT – AI software popular around the world

After Chat GPT web version was launched, it created a worldwide craze because of the accuracy and intelligence of AI. And now Chat GPT is available on the Google Play store and Appstore. Powered by the powerful GPT-3.5 architecture, this application promises to be your reliable and flexible companion in many different aspects of life. With its outstanding features and capabilities, the application has attracted significant attention from users as well as technology enthusiasts.

Chat GPT

Main features of GPT Chat application

  • Natural language understanding: GPT Chat excels at understanding and communicating in text like humans, making interactions feel more conversational and less robotic. It can answer questions, participate in discussions or provide information on a variety of topics
  • Easy registration: GPT Chat currently allows users in many countries to use their phone number to verify their email when creating an account. In addition to Gmail, users can also register for a GPT Chat account using Microsoft Account and Apple ID.
  • Multilingual Support: The app is proficient in several languages, making it accessible and useful for a global audience. It can help bridge language barriers and facilitate communication across borders.
  • Convert voice to text: OpenAI has developed Chat GPT as a virtual assistant that can support users in the most comprehensive way. And the voice-to-text function is one of the things that brings convenience to users when using this application as a virtual assistant.
  • Review conversation history: In addition to answering all user questions in dialogue form, Chat GPT also allows storing all conversations. A special thing is that the application will respond to users based on the history of each conversation.
  • Naming conversations: The fact that each chat session mainly revolves around a different topic will easily lead to confusion for users and waste a lot of time each time searching. That’s why Chat GPT allows users to name each conversation to optimize the user experience every time they find an old topic.
  • Share chat: In addition to using GPT Chat to answer personal questions, the application can also help discuss team issues. Therefore, the application allows users to copy the chat link and send it to others to view and chat with Chat GPT.
  • Knowledge Base: It is backed by a vast amount of information up to its knowledge cutoff date in 2022. This knowledge base allows it to provide accurate and informative responses on a wide array of subjects.
  • Integration: Chat GPT can be integrated into various applications and services, such as chatbots, customer support systems, and more. This versatility is invaluable for businesses and developers looking to enhance user experiences.

General assessment of the application


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Design websites, write code, find bugs and come up with solutions
  • Carry out creative work such as writing music, writing poetry, and graphic design
  • Analyze data in tables and matrices


  • Occasional Inaccuracies: Like all AI systems, Chat GPT may sometimes produce incorrect or nonsensical answers. Users need to exercise caution and verify information when necessary.
  • Dependency Concerns: Relying on AI for information and assistance could lead to a diminished need for human interaction, potentially impacting social skills and critical thinking.
  • Data has not been updated: Chat GPT only grasps information from 2022 onwards, so data from the last 1-2 years will not be captured by the application.

Privacy and Security

Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region, and age. The developer provided this information and may update it over time.

Data collected

Location, Personal info, Financial info, Messages, Photos and videos, AudioFiles and docs, Calendar, activityWeb browsing, App info and performance, Device or other IDs

Security practices

  • Data is encrypted in transit
  • You can request that data be deleted
  • Independent security review

In short, the GPT Chat app is a convenient addition to the world of virtual assistants, offering many features and customization options to cater to individual needs. While not without its limitations, its creativity and communicative abilities are undeniable. For those looking for a versatile AI companion or those wanting to improve their writing and communication skills, the GPT Chat app is definitely worth downloading


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