Disposable Camera – OldRoll

Disposable Camera – OldRoll

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Android, iOS,

Time Travel for Your Photos and Videos: Introducing OldRoll

Do you miss the raw, unfiltered beauty of 80s cinema? Longing for a style that’s genuine, unpretentious, and effortlessly cool? Look no further than OldRoll! This app isn’t just a camera; it’s a time machine that transports your creativity back to a golden age of storytelling.

Key features

Experience the Natural Difference:

  • Unleash the 80s Vibe: Ditch the hyper-color and razor-sharpness of modern media. Embrace the natural grain, subtle hues, and authentic charm of a bygone era. This approach isn’t about perfection; it’s about capturing the essence of a moment with true artistic expression.
  • Become a Classic Filmmaker: No complicated tools or expensive equipment needed. OldRoll empowers you to create captivating videos and photos with just a few taps. Let your imagination run wild and rediscover the joy of simple, impactful storytelling.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Dare to be different. In a world saturated with uniformity, your unique, classic-inspired creations will leave a lasting impression. Share your artistic vision with the world and show everyone that timeless style never goes out of fashion.

Turn Your Phone into a Vintage Masterpiece:

  • The Leica M6 in Your Pocket: Craft stunning photos with the legendary classic tones of the Leica M6 lens, built right into OldRoll. Capture nostalgic landscapes, heartwarming everyday moments, or anything that sparks your creativity. Travel back in time with every click, right on your mobile device.
  • Frame Your Memories: Enhance your photos with a diverse collection of elegant frames. Picture your creations like treasured keepsakes, each one carefully displayed in a beautiful wooden frame. Add a touch of sophistication and personality to your work.
  • Filters with Feeling: Go beyond the ordinary with our curated selection of tasteful filters. Each one amplifies the classic mood, adding depth, atmosphere, and a touch of vintage magic to your photos and videos.

Share Your Masterpieces with Ease:

  • One Click to Worldwide Inspiration: Finish your creative masterpiece and instantly share it with the world! Spread the joy of classic storytelling and connect with others who appreciate genuine artistic expression.
  • Seamless Social Sharing: With a single click, share your creations directly to your favorite social media platforms. Post to your feed, send messages, and let everyone know you’ve just created something truly special.
  • Inspire and Be Inspired: Become part of a thriving community of creators who share a love for the classic aesthetic. Join the conversation, exchange ideas, and draw inspiration from each other’s work.

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with OldRoll. Rediscover the beauty of simplicity, naturalness, and timeless aesthetics. Download the app today and start your journey into the fascinating world of classic filmmaking, right in the palm of your hand.

Disposable Camera – OldRoll

Disposable Camera – OldRoll


For: Android, iOS,


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