Foodie – Filter & Film Camera

Foodie – Filter & Film Camera

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Foodie – Tool for taking beautiful food photos

Foodie is the most popular photography and selfie application for young people today. You can create fresher everyday moments through quality color filters as well as experience smart photography features from Foodie.

Outstanding features

  • More than 30 professional filters: Although the software has a smaller number of filters than other photography applications, in return the color quality is top priority, extremely professional and eye-catching. With 30 available color filters, you can freely choose, creating sparkling, magical photos that will captivate people’s hearts.
  • Record short clips with available filters: Not only images can use professional color filters, Foodie has transformed and applied them to the short clips recorded on the application. From there, it helps users produce interesting nostalgic or futuristic clips.
  • Supports unique Top View shooting mode: Foodie has developed a mode that recognizes users who want to capture an object from above. That mode is Top View, the application will automatically adjust the shooting angle to best suit the scene containing the object. From there, smart instructions are given on the screen, you just need to move the phone according to the instructions and then press the shutter.
  • Powerful photo editor: In addition, Foodie also allows you to edit photos right on the app. From adjusting brightness, contrast or reselecting filters to your liking,… You will have more time to create the most satisfactory photo with this powerful photo editor.
  • Easily share on social networks: After taking or editing photos, you can immediately share them on popular social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook,… Or post to the feature Social network stories without too much manipulation.

Don’t miss out on the latest culinary trends and discoveries. Download Foodie today!

Foodie – Filter & Film Camera

Foodie – Filter & Film Camera


For: Android, iOS,


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