GoPro Quik: Video Editor

GoPro Quik: Video Editor

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

GoPro Quik: Effortless Editing for Your GoPro Footage

Action cameras capture breathtaking moments, but editing them can be daunting. GoPro Quik solves this problem, letting you transform your footage into stunning, shareable videos with ease.

Key features

Automatic Editing at Your Fingertips:

  • Effortless Workflow: A single tap on your phone turns raw footage into a polished video, saving you time and frustration.
  • Pre-made Themes: Choose from unique themes with captivating visuals, animations, and music that set your video apart.
  • Enhanced Features: GoPro Quik elevates your videos with advanced tools like trimming, color correction, slow motion, and more, ensuring professional-looking results.

Unleash Your Creativity:

  • Fine-tune Every Detail: Go beyond automatic editing with precise controls over video length, lighting, color, and more.
  • Express Yourself: Add dynamic slow-motion effects, playful filters, and horizon leveling to showcase your adventures in unique ways.
  • Share Your Story: Export your creations in stunning quality, ready to impress your friends and followers on social media.

Centralize and Organize:

  • Mural Feature: Say goodbye to scattered videos. Organize your edits in Mural, a dedicated space within the app for your creations.
  • Seamless Sharing: Share your videos directly from Mural to your favorite social networks with just a few taps.

GoPro Quik empowers you to tell your story effortlessly, letting you focus on capturing life’s moments, not editing them.

GoPro Quik: Video Editor

GoPro Quik: Video Editor


For: Android, iOS,


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