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About Grammatisch

Grammatisch is an application designed to simplify the process of learning German. It offers a plethora of grammar exercises and systematic explanations, facilitating learners in comprehending and advancing their proficiency.

User-friendly interface, suited for beginners

For those uncertain about where to embark on their German learning journey, Grammatisch provides an accessible gateway. Its uncomplicated interface is designed with beginners in mind, ensuring a quick grasp for everyone. Navigating the application is straightforward, making it particularly suitable for those new to the German language. Moreover, the application permits learning at any time and place, whether online or offline.

Abundant theory and exercises

Grammatisch presents learners with an extensive repository of theoretical content, eliminating the need for exhaustive searches. Complementing the theory is a diverse array of exercises, ensuring practical application of the acquired knowledge. Investing dedicated time into the application will enable effective learning of the German language.

Applicable to all proficiency levels

The inclusivity of Grammatisch is evident as it does not mandate a proficiency test for participation. Learners can select any topic of interest and initiate their learning process. The application covers fundamental exercises suitable for A1 to A2 levels, accommodating those starting from scratch as well as providing challenges for advanced learners.

The simplicity of the application’s interface is intentional, aiming to be accessible to everyone. Its ease of use is a key feature, fostering a comfortable learning experience for users. Regardless of proficiency levels, whether newcomers or experienced German learners, everyone can benefit from this application. Additionally, the extensive documentation system enables simultaneous study and practice, making Grammatisch a must-have for anyone aspiring to learn German.


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