Hago- Party, Chat & Games

Hago- Party, Chat & Games

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Hago – Entertainment social network

Hago is a social network that brings together all the hottest games on mobile, giving you the opportunity to fight online with other players around the world, while playing games, making friends, chatting and challenging them to compete. . Receive challenges from others or you can challenge any friend you want.

Games in Hago game belong to many different genres, such as action, intelligence, fun games… All have interesting and attractive features, simple gameplay and are highly competitive if competing. with another person. Each game has a maximum playing time of 3 minutes. You can play online anytime and anywhere.

Interesting features

Hago is a playground for you to play games, meet and make new friends. Players will be connected directly to gamers from many different locations, participating in PK battles, playing and chatting at the same time.

  • Livestream: Watch extremely fun livestream on Hago. Or you can broadcast videos directly on the community. Hago is where we meet interesting people and share wonderful moments together.
  • Find compatible gaming friends: Invite your friends to play Hago game together. Or the service will automatically select pairs to play according to profile.
  • Real-time voice chat: Voice chat while gaming on Hago. Everyone can hear your voice and vice versa. Hago is truly a great interactive gaming playground for all audiences.
  • More than 100 games: The number of new games continues to increase. You can play 1v1 fighting games, games in group chat, in group video calls… There are hundreds of interesting and free games.
  • Group chat: Explore public chat rooms in addition to private chat or online dating via invitation.
  • Explore and meet: Play simple games right in Match and find people in Meetup. Hago is where we make friends and break all the rules of life.
Hago- Party, Chat & Games

Hago- Party, Chat & Games


For: Android, iOS,


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