imo video calls and chat HD

imo video calls and chat HD

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About imo

Staying connected with loved ones has never been more effortless than with Imo. Even in areas with a less-than-optimal network connection, you can effortlessly exchange texts or engage in video calls. We’re the messenger bird that fosters emotional closeness, and, notably, our application is free of charge, ensuring your peace of mind.

Emotional connection app

Typically, international calls or texts to loved ones incur fees, often exorbitant ones. Recognizing the vital need for millions of users globally to connect with family, friends, and partners, we emerged with a mission to bridge those distances without financial barriers.

Enter the world of video calling

Embark on unlimited calls with friends worldwide, and Imo is not just a communication tool but a savior facilitating video calls. In essence, you and your loved ones can not only hear each other’s voices but also witness each other’s expressions. Words fall short in describing the joy of experiencing these emotions firsthand.

Network connection quality unrelated to call quality

Rest assured, we pledge to deliver high-quality service. Even if your network connection is suboptimal, our application can rectify it within minutes with just a simple tap. Count on us to provide the smoothest, most vibrant visuals and sounds, regardless of whether you’re on 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

Share photos and files within seconds

Imo goes beyond conventional communication by offering a unique feature for sharing memories. Users can instantly send photos or videos from their mobile devices to anyone in their network. With a single touch, you can share the essence of your life with them or receive various types of messages, including audio files.

Diverse range of shareable file types

Moreover, Imo introduces additional features, allowing users to exchange various file formats such as DOC, MP3, ZIP, and more. This includes voice messages, enabling you to hear and send messages efficiently, saving valuable time.

Minimal data usage

While Imo supports high-quality image sharing and HD video reception, it surprises users with its minimal data consumption. Known for its ability to save money and use data sparingly, Imo attracts millions of users looking for a cost-effective communication solution.

Freedom to craft a personal brand

Imo empowers users to create a unique personal image, with customizable avatars and usernames to suit individual preferences. Additionally, the application’s sound themes and wallpapers add an extra layer of attractiveness, setting you apart in the global user community. Explore with us and discover the intriguing aspects of this world.

imo video calls and chat HD

imo video calls and chat HD


For: Android, iOS,


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