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About Lazada

Lazada is a convenient online shopping application, helping you find good deals quickly and conveniently. Lazada has hundreds of thousands of diverse products ranging from health care, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, electronics and many other products.

Outstanding features

Buy anything, free shipping

  • Millions of diverse products are refreshed every day
  • Receive unlimited shipping discount vouchers now
  • Express delivery within the day

Exclusive offers on the app

  • Hunt for vouchers when referring friends
  • Receive additional vouchers for each referral
  • Fast, secure payment with many unexpected incentives
  • Universal shopping cashback: just open the app and view your favorite products
  • Watch Livestream and receive exclusive deals from your favorite sellers & brands via the LazLive app
  • Shop easily with personalized genuine products, categories and brands at the best prices and to suit your preferences

Safety and security

  • Make smart purchasing decisions. Read product and seller reviews from other buyers
  • Chat with the seller right on the app

Convenient payment

  • Secure payment with many options: cash payment upon delivery, credit card or installment payment.
  • Easily track and update order status

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