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About LightX AI Editor AI Generator

LightX offers users access to a skilled photo editing team through a visually stunning array of color layers and dynamic effects. Notably, the application fulfills a wide range of requirements due to its diverse editing styles. Explore the interface we’ve crafted, and you’re bound to find satisfaction. The return to a version with bug fixes and the incorporation of several unique features has significantly boosted its popularity.

Key features

Precise image cropping and enhancement with color effects

LightX’s cropping tool stands out in satisfying user needs. By making selections, you can extract the best parts of an image. Combine these selections to create a distinct new photo. Experiment with color effects from our collection, overlay them on your photos, and witness remarkable results—diverse colors with varying tones, from light to dark, allowing precise adjustments to different areas of the image.

All tools feature an automatic area selection capability, enhancing convenience. The app efficiently selects each new compatible area for adjustment without consuming excessive time. The way the app showcases your work is impressive. The Curve, Levels, and Color Balance toolchains contribute to toning the image. Adjust the aspect ratio, determine orientation, rotate the image if desired, and maintain reasonable perspective for satisfactory results.

Refresh your look

LightX’s automatic skin smoothing mode enhances the beauty of your selfies, providing a continuous filter for a natural feel. Even minor imperfections on the face are eliminated with our freckle and acne remover. Portrait mode automatically blurs the background. Explore hair options to experiment with non-traditional hairstyles and add a touch of fancy color, elevating the overall picture quality.

Browse a diverse range of filters, choosing colors that blend seamlessly with various styles such as vintage, cinematic, or black and white. Various image blurs, including lens blur, background blur, and mask blur, are introduced. A wide array of effects is always at your disposal. Emphasizing professionalism, our standard ensures the highest quality image output. Save your process, and seamlessly apply it to the next image.

Swift handling of the following

LightX swiftly manipulates shapes with the contour tool. Body contours are outlined by lines, easily adjusted by dragging for enhanced attractiveness. Creating cartoons and caricatures as decorative stickers is a unique feature. Experiment with stitching multiple photos, applying cool frames, and waiting for outstanding results. Design your own photo frames for romantic themes.

Stickers are essential for cute photos, with many suggested topics or keyword searches available. Adjust sticker color characteristics using the pull bar. Brushes offer a great choice for unique creations, with adjustable pen styles and sizes according to your preferences. Adding text to photos, creating voices, and making memes are no longer complex with LightX.

Expertise in professional image editing

LightX consistently aims to bring creativity and innovation, earning satisfaction and trust from users. As your go-to professional image editing tool, we hope these contributions keep you engaged for the long term. Embark on a fun editing journey within the app, and have a fantastic day!

LightX AI Editor AI Generator

LightX AI Editor AI Generator


For: Android, iOS,


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