Lumii – Photo Editor

Lumii – Photo Editor

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About Lumii – Photo Editor

Lumii is poised to be an exceptional application, transforming you into a proficient photo editor. If you find your photos falling short of expectations, Lumii is here to assist. Packed with diverse features, this app enables quick enhancements for your photos before sharing them.

Key features

  • Abundance of Filters: Addressing color display issues is a breeze with Lumii’s extensive filter options. Exclusive color filters like LOMO, Film, and Retro can be seamlessly applied in various scenarios.
  • Effortless Subject and Background Separation: For photos intended to highlight a specific subject or object, Lumii simplifies the process by effortlessly separating the background and subject, complete with background blurring.
  • Customizable Double Exposure Effects: For seasoned photo editors seeking advanced features, Lumii offers professional double exposure blend correction, infusing your photos with a blend of qualities for outstanding results.
  • Innovative HSL Color Mode: Explore rare color modes with Lumii, including the unique HSL color mode that can dynamically transform your photos, offering advanced modes at no cost.
  • Basic Image Editing Tools: Whether you’re a novice or prefer simpler tools, Lumii caters to all. Basic editing tools such as brightness adjustment, highlights, contrast, shadows, warmth, exposure, and sharpness are included.
  • Text Addition to Images: Express yourself by adding messages or feelings to your images using Lumii’s text feature. Choose from a variety of fonts that cater to different preferences.
  • Personalized Image Library: Lumii provides a unique storage feature, allowing you to create themed albums directly within the app. No more searching for misplaced photos.
  • Diverse Filters and Effects: Lumii boasts over 100 beautiful color filters and six vivid effects, enabling users to customize parameters and create visually stunning works.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a neatly arranged interface featuring easily accessible editing icons, Lumii ensures a seamless user experience. The HSL mode and unique color filters enable users to blend colors to match their images.
  • Unique Wallpaper Editing Features: Enhance your portraits with Lumii’s background-changing feature. Choose a portrait, apply filters and effects, and customize the level as needed. The AI technology streamlines the process, making it simple and efficient.
Lumii – Photo Editor

Lumii – Photo Editor


For: Android,


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