Memrise: speak a new language

Memrise: speak a new language

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Memrise: Your Pocket Passport to Language Mastery

Tired of clunky textbooks and repetitive exercises? Memrise throws open the doors to a vibrant, engaging world of language learning. Dive into a wealth of languages, from everyday Spanish to exotic Korean, and build your skills from the ground up.

Here’s what makes Memrise your key to unlocking fluency

  • A smorgasbord of lessons: Explore a curated menu of courses that take you from “hola” to “hasta luego” (or your chosen phrase!). Each lesson targets a specific skill, keeping you motivated and on track. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation – you name it, Memrise nails it.

  • Master the climb: Whether you’re a complete beginner or a rusty enthusiast, Memrise charts your perfect learning path. Start with foundational vocabulary and climb the ladder to confidently constructing sentences. Brush up on forgotten skills or embark on a brand new adventure.

  • Practice makes perfect: Don’t just hoard knowledge, put it to the test! Memrise offers a diverse buffet of exercises to solidify your learnings. Tackle multiple-choice challenges, fill in the blanks, or show off your pronunciation skills with AI assistance. Every exercise sharpens your mind and boosts your confidence.

  • Learn like a local: Immerse yourself in authentic accents and real-life scenarios. Access a treasure trove of videos featuring native speakers, and pick up natural expressions and nuances. These immersive experiences make learning fun, relevant, and effective.

  • Your pocket polyglot: Take your studies wherever you go! Memrise lets you download lessons for offline access, perfect for commutes, coffee breaks, or even airplane rides. Learning never has to stop, no matter where life takes you.

  • Set your pace, own your progress: Choose a language, customize your learning goals, and track your journey with detailed statistics. Celebrate your achievements and stay motivated as you inch closer to fluency.

Ready to ditch the dull and embrace the delightful? Download Memrise, unlock your inner polyglot, and speak the world with confidence!

Memrise: speak a new language

Memrise: speak a new language


For: Android, iOS,


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