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About MintAI – Photo Enhancer

MintAI is a professional photo editing application that relies on AI technology and powerful cloud computing capabilities worldwide to provide services to users. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a smartphone, you can use this world-class image processing service.

Outstanding features

You want to restore old damaged photos, photos taken with old phones that are blurry with bad photo colors or low-resolution images on the Internet, MintAI can easily repair and restore them to resolution. high with just one quick tap.

Even newly taken photos with lighting problems such as flare or underexposure can be repaired with Mint AI immediately.

Enhance image quality

  • Fix old blurry photos and convert to HD.
  • Improve old photos taken with old cameras and phones into photos that look like they were taken with a new phone.
  • Repair old damaged or low-resolution photos and restore them to their original state.

Easy to use

  • Simplify editing operations to the maximum, helping anyone to edit photos easily and quickly, without cost or learning time, and without requiring advanced skills.
  • Direct comparison between the original image and the processed image allows users to see the clear difference between the original image and the image edited by MintAI.

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