Mojito: Insta story art maker

Mojito: Insta story art maker

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Mojito: Craft Your Instagram Story

Unleash your inner storyteller with Mojito, the app that empowers you to create captivating visuals for Instagram.

Key features

Craft your narrative:

  • Go beyond ordinary photos: Transform your content with over 500 cropping templates and a variety of colors to suit your story.
  • Express yourself: Use Mojito’s diverse picture frames and artwork to add personality and highlight the beauty of your photos.
  • Tell a story with every detail: Edit and decorate each frame with unique patterns, showcasing your personality and making your photos stand out.

Write your own script:

  • Express yourself through words: Mojito provides a beautiful selection of fonts, allowing you to add text directly onto your photos.
  • Customize your message: Experiment with colors, text size, and positioning to create the perfect balance with your visuals.
  • Endless possibilities: Write a heartfelt love story, share joyful memories, or document your travels – Mojito lets you tell any tale.

Explore a world of themes:

  • Find the perfect backdrop: From romantic settings to travel destinations, Mojito offers a variety of background images to complement your story.
  • Captivate your audience: Each set of photos is designed to impress with its diversity and vibrant visuals.
  • Mojito is your canvas: Create the most exquisite and evocative images that showcase your unique perspective.

Download Mojito and start sharing your authentic stories today!

Mojito: Insta story art maker

Mojito: Insta story art maker


For: Android,


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