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Music Speed Changer

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Music Speed Changer: Your Audio Toolkit Unleashed

Music Speed Changer is a versatile audio media application that allows users to alter the speed of audio on their device without causing any other issues. Within this application, users can adjust the pitch without impacting the speed, and vice versa. Moreover, this software enables users to effortlessly fine-tune both speed and pitch using a single knob. This application proves to be highly beneficial for slowing down the pace and enhancing the repeatability of songs during practice sessions.

Key features

Master the Tempo & Pitch

  • Say goodbye to pitch wobbles! Adjust speed without affecting pitch (or vice versa) for perfect practice sessions.
  • Need a quick tempo bump? Change both speed and pitch with a single knob – it’s that easy.

Organize Your Playlist Paradise

  • No more playlist juggling! Aggregate all your playlists into one seamless stream. Search, switch, and play – it’s a music lover’s dream.

Level Up Your Practice & Play

  • Musicians rejoice! Transpose any song to your vocal range or lower the tempo for tricky passages.
  • Extend playback time up to 500% – master that guitar solo or belt out that high note on repeat.

Endless Music Magic

  • Loop your favorite sections for targeted practice or endless jamming.
  • Organize your music by customized playlists, name them all, and rediscover forgotten gems.

Music Speed Changer: It’s not just a speed changer, it’s your audio playground.

Music Speed Changer

Music Speed Changer


For: Android, iOS,


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