Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

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Overdrop: Stay Ahead of the Weather with Powerful Tools

Stay one step ahead of the weather with Overdrop, your comprehensive weather app powered by renowned sources like Dark Sky, AccuWeather, and WeatherBit.

Outstanding features

Never get caught in a storm again

  • Live weather forecasts: Get real-time updates from trusted providers, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  • Detailed reports: Rain or shine, access comprehensive data like temperature (“feels like” included!), wind speed, rain, hail, snow, UV index, cloud cover, pressure, humidity, and visibility.
  • Severe weather warnings: Receive timely alerts about potential hazards, keeping you safe.
  • 24-hour forecast: Visualize data with beautiful graphs to easily identify trends, like storms (shown by a hump in the rain graph) and heatwaves (hump in the temperature graph).
  • 7-day forecast: Plan your week with confidence using insightful icons and clear summaries, anticipating everything from sunshine to storms to freezing temperatures.

Stay informed and organized

  • Customizable weather alerts: Receive live updates with a beautiful notification tailored to your preferences, from icon design to position and color.
  • Daily weather updates: Subscribe for a daily weather digest directly to your phone.
  • Status bar temperature: Monitor the temperature at a glance with a small icon at the top of your screen.

Radar for advanced insights

  • Stay ahead of the storm with comprehensive radar maps powered by the Global Forecast System and data from EMC, NCEP, NWS, and NOAA.
  • Pinpoint precipitation: Radar data from a global network helps pinpoint drizzles, storms, and snowfall, while the GWS performs statistical analysis to map anticipated changes.

Personalize your experience

  • Choose from over 50 stunning widgets: Display the current weather forecast, time, and battery level on your home screen.
  • Compatible with any home app: No third-party software required, enjoy Overdrop widgets wherever you like.
  • Six different themes: Choose from a variety of looks, from classic white or grey to a sleek OLED black.

With Overdrop, staying ahead of the weather has never been easier or more beautiful.

Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

Overdrop – Weather & Widgets


For: Android, iOS,


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