Pelicut – Video Editor Music Video Maker

Pelicut – Video Editor Music Video Maker

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About Pelicut – Video Editor Music Video Maker

Pelicut – Video Editor Music Video Maker stands out as an exceptional video editing tool, providing a professional-grade experience. Explore a vast array of transitions to seamlessly connect scenes in your videos. Unleash your creativity by effortlessly incorporating music to define your style and enhance content clarity. The application boasts a versatile subtitle system, offering various fonts, font sizes, and a captivating assortment of dynamic stickers.

Free video editing

Similar to many other video editing apps, Video Editor Music Video Maker empowers you to segment videos, keeping noteworthy moments, and discarding unnecessary or sensitive elements. Merge videos from your library freely and creatively, expanding your possibilities for creating captivating content.

Data compression without compromising quality

Unlike other video editing applications that result in large file exports, consuming valuable mobile device space, our live video compression ensures a space-efficient solution without compromising quality for work and entertainment needs.

Adjustable speed

Tailor the pace of your videos to your preferences—whether you want scenes to move rapidly or slow down, Video Editor Music Video Maker allows you to actively apply fast or slow motion, providing flexibility in adjusting video speed.

Diverse themes

Explore a plethora of captivating themes suitable for various occasions, specific festivals, and different countries. With a simple touch, transform your videos to align with themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and more.

Popular music collection

Complement your visual masterpiece with the perfect audio accompaniment. Dive into an extensive music collection featuring various genres. Enjoy the freedom to access your personal library for adding music to your videos or creating voice-over narratives. Elevate your videos with the perfect soundtrack, enhancing their overall impact.

Pelicut – Video Editor Music Video Maker

Pelicut – Video Editor Music Video Maker


For: Android,


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