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Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor

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Perfect Me – Perfect body editing tool

Perfect Me is an amazing, powerful photo and video editor that helps you beautify your body and edit your face on photos easily, for free. The application can help you reshape your body curves to get a slim body and perfect figure. You can make yourself thinner, fatter, have long straight legs, firm abs as well as realistic tattoos. With the face, you can also make your face slimmer, higher your nose and bigger eyes, plump or thin your lips and adjust your skin to be smooth and extremely easy.

Outstanding features

Body reshaping, detailed correction

  • Creates a slim waist and helps you look thinner. Perfect Me has everything you need to create a perfect body.
  • Make legs long and straight. Edit your face to become more beautiful.
  • Create 6-pack abs.
  • Add tattoos and artistic text. Make your Instagram-sized photos perfect.
  • Shape any part of your body as you wish with ease. This is the perfect body editor that also helps you have the beautiful face you desire.

Beautify your face

  • Smoothes your skin and eliminates acne.
  • Adjust your skin, turn your selfie into a masterpiece. In addition, there are many other tools inside this face beauty photo editor waiting for you to try.
  • Face: Makes the face smaller, thinner and/or fuller. Slim your face and expert in fixing facial problems. The app can even act as a plastic surgery simulation to help you reshape your face and body.
  • Adjust facial features: The app can help whiten your teeth, making your smile brighter and your lips fuller. Easily create a high nose bridge, reshape eyebrows to create a perfect eyebrow shape. The amazing face shape editor in Perfect Me is designed for you to edit faces in photos as you like, simply and easily.

Body editing in video

Video editing functions are added to Perfect Me, so you can slim your waist and lengthen your legs, reshape your body shape, and edit your face in videos easily. This tool can also help you look taller in videos and have smooth skin. Try teeth whitening, wrinkle removal and eye brightening features. Filters and many other video editing tools are waiting for you to try in Perfect Me.

Beautify photos

  • Add stylish filters to beautify your photos, making your photos and selfies perfect 365 days.
  • Add costume stickers: You can add costumes, hats and glasses to beautify your face.
  • Magically change the background.
  • Blur unwanted objects, faces or any object.
  • Change hair color: Choose stylish colors to change your hair color on photo.

Photo editing

  • Lots of different themed stickers to decorate your photos.
  • Crop photos to fit the size required by social networks, then share your photos to Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.
  • Multiple photo collage layouts to decorate and combine multiple photos into one photo.
Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor

Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor


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