PictureThis – Plant Identifier

PictureThis – Plant Identifier

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PictureThis: Your Pocket Plant Powerhouse

PictureThis isn’t just an app; it’s your gateway to a vibrant world of botanical wonder. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious newbie, PictureThis empowers you to identify, understand, and nurture the plants around you.

Know Your Greens (and Reds and Blues)

Forget fumbling through dusty field guides. PictureThis is your plant paparazzi, instantly recognizing over 1 million species with 98% accuracy. Simply snap a picture, and poof! You’ll have the plant’s scientific name, common aliases, variations, and even its fascinating family history.

Safety First: Friend or Foe?

Not all flora are friendly. Some can be toxic to pets, children, or even ourselves. PictureThis acts as your botanical bodyguard, flagging potentially harmful plants and providing crucial safety information. Now you can enjoy nature’s beauty with peace of mind, knowing which leafy friends to embrace and which to politely avoid.

Plant Doctor in Your Pocket

Is your prized fern looking a little under the weather? PictureThis can diagnose common plant ailments, from nutrient deficiencies to pesky pests. The app suggests tailored treatment plans, complete with recommended fertilizers and tonics, so you can nurse your green companions back to health. Say goodbye to expensive gardening consultations and hello to thriving houseplants!

Botany Buddies: Chat with the Experts

Knowledge is power, and PictureThis puts a team of botanical brainiacs at your fingertips. Need help identifying a mystery plant or have a burning question about your indoor jungle? The app’s chat feature connects you with real experts who are happy to share their wisdom and answer your queries. Think of it as having a personal plant whisperer on call, 24/7!

Grow Your Knowledge (and Your Plants!)

PictureThis isn’t just about identifying plants; it’s about celebrating their incredible journeys. Create personalized albums to track the growth of your precious seedlings, from tiny sprouts to flourishing foliage. Witnessing the magic of nature unfold is a delightful way to unwind and appreciate the little things.

A World of Botanical Delights Awaits

Dive into a captivating library brimming with botanical treasures. Explore exotic rainforests, discover hidden wildflowers, and learn about the diverse flora that calls our planet home. Each entry comes with stunning visuals and insightful descriptions, inviting you on a global plant pilgrimage without ever leaving your sofa.

From Seedling to Savvy Plant Parent

Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a budding botanist, PictureThis is your ultimate plant companion. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge, a safety net for the curious, and a direct line to expert advice. So, download PictureThis today and unlock the secrets of the plant world, one leaf at a time!

PictureThis – Plant Identifier

PictureThis – Plant Identifier


For: Android, iOS,


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