Presets & Filters – Koloro

Presets & Filters – Koloro

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Unleash Your Inner Photo Editor with Koloro

Koloro is a photo editing app that provides a variety of presets and filters to enhance your photos and videos. It is a user-friendly app that allows you to edit your photos with just a few taps.

Key features

Effortless Enhancements:

  • Built-in Auto-Correction: Feeling overwhelmed? Koloro’s auto-correction gives your photos a quick boost in seconds. Fine-tune further for a perfect touch.
  • Fresh Editing Packs: Spice things up with Silky, Saturated, Anime, and Zine packs! These new collections offer a variety of colors and styles to suit any photo, from travel shots to everyday moments.

Dive Deep into Editing:

  • Transformative Tools: Explore a range of features to elevate your photos. Change colors, add effects, and adjust specific elements for stunning results.
  • Filter Frenzy: Discover a vast library of filters with unique characteristics. Tailor colors and browse themes for easy selection. The ever-growing filter collection keeps creativity flowing.

Precise Control:

  • Detailed Adjustments: Go beyond color with tools for saturation, highlights, ambiance, and more. Sharpen images and create a polished look.
  • Advanced Features: HSL, curves, and white balance provide even greater control over color and lighting. Fine-tune every detail for professional-grade edits.

Creative Overlays:

  • Expressive Effects: Elevate your photos with diverse overlays. Add romantic hearts to love shots, or experiment with other options to set the mood and enhance your subject.

Share and Learn:

  • QR Code Magic: Stuck in an editing rut? Scan QR codes from other users’ photos to import their adjustments. Get inspired and unlock new editing possibilities.

Koloro empowers you to unleash your inner photo editor and create captivating visuals. Download today and explore the world of creative possibilities!

Presets & Filters – Koloro

Presets & Filters – Koloro


For: Android, iOS,


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