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RawPic – Chinese style photo editing

Rawpic is a Chinese-style photo editing and coloring application that is hot in recent days with advantages such as: many beautiful photo filters, face slimming, detailed editing of facial parts and more. makeup for lips.

Outstanding features

  • Many beautiful Chinese-style color filters: Chinese photo editing applications are very popular because of the great advantage of providing a store of filters and photo filters with many beautiful colors. From vintage styles with gentle trends to vibrant modern colors are integrated in the Rawpic application.
  • Skin smoothing, skin beautifying, freckle removal features: With the Rawpic application, you can edit photos, smooth skin, beautify skin, and remove freckles on the face very effectively. If you have flaws, you can use the application to edit photos and confidently post your best photos on social networks to show off to your friends.
  • Edit eyes, nose, mouth, slim face: Rawpic is one of the few applications that supports powerful photo editing features with features such as: slimming the face, editing details of parts. Facial parts such as eyes, nose, mouth…
  • Add makeup and lipstick: Women can confidently edit photos without having to apply makeup or makeup with the makeup and lipstick feature. Lots of beautiful lipstick colors, enough for you to make an impression.

Rawpic application deserves to be a great assistant for young people, especially those who like to live virtually. Download the app and share beautiful photos on social networks!


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