Speed test – Speed Test Master

Speed test – Speed Test Master

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Speed Test Master: Your All-in-One Network Optimizer

Experience seamless entertainment and work with Speed Test Master, your complete network performance analyzer.

Key features

Test Your Speed:

  • Download, upload, and ping: Measure your internet speed accurately with just one tap.
  • Global servers: Choose from thousands of servers worldwide for the best results.
  • Fast and reliable: Get detailed speed test results within 30 seconds.

Take Control:

  • Monitor your data: Stay informed about your mobile and Wi-Fi data usage.
  • Optimize downloads and uploads: Manage your network activity for efficient file transfers.
  • Reduce lag: Minimize ping delay for smooth online gaming and streaming.

Ensure Stability:

  • Test Wi-Fi strength: Find the strongest Wi-Fi signal in your home or office.
  • Analyze Wi-Fi channels: Avoid congested channels for faster connectivity.
  • Diagnose network issues: Identify and troubleshoot network problems quickly.

Protect Your Wi-Fi:

  • See who’s connected: Monitor devices using your Wi-Fi.
  • Block unauthorized access: Secure your Wi-Fi network with ease.

Download Speed Test Master today and enjoy a powerful, optimized network experience!

Speed test – Speed Test Master

Speed test – Speed Test Master


For: Android,


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