STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

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About STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

Steezy – Learn How To Dance is recognized as an online dance class, offering a diverse range of dance genres to cater to dance enthusiasts. Dance, being an immensely popular form of physical activity, not only contributes to overall health but also imparts a sense of youthfulness and mental refreshment. The platform provides a challenging yet supportive environment, featuring professional instructors and opportunities for free practice. Recent updates include bug fixes and performance enhancements, as Steezy Studio consistently seeks to introduce new challenges.

Beginner friendly approach

For those unfamiliar with dance genres, Steezy offers a welcoming starting point. The platform caters to individuals seeking to learn dance from scratch, providing dedicated guidance from experienced dancers. Participants are led through fundamental movements to more advanced implementations. The international community of dancers on Steezy facilitates knowledge exchange, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Inclusive community

Steezy invites individuals aged 12 and above to participate in dance-related activities. The inclusive community values diversity, promoting an environment free from discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, or skin color. With over 800 classes and a repertoire of more than 100 traditional and modern dances, Steezy offers a vast selection.

Flexible practice options

Participants have the freedom to choose their preferred dance genre without any time constraints on practice. The training software incorporates a digital zoom system, allowing users to view instructors from various angles and adjust the class pace. Additionally, classes can be accessed online through the app, TV, or other social networking sites.

Shared experiences

Apart from its unique features, Steezy is available for free download. Users can explore a course of interest with a 7-day free trial before committing to a subscription. The platform facilitates interaction with friends from different locations, fostering a sense of community, whether locally or internationally. Those who engage with Steezy are likely to find it a fulfilling and health-conscious journey shared with like-minded individuals.

STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

STEEZY – Learn How To Dance


For: Android, iOS,


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