StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

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StrongLifts: Your Simple Path to Strength Gains

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log isn’t just another workout app. It’s your personal trainer, progress tracker, and motivational coach all rolled into one. Designed by an experienced powerlifter, StrongLifts is built to help you achieve real results, no matter your fitness level.

Key features

Simple and Intuitive Interface:

Forget cluttered screens and confusing menus. StrongLifts is sleek, intuitive, and designed for ease of use. Log exercises with minimal taps, track your progress with clear charts, and stay focused on your workout.

Personalized Plans for Everyone:

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lifter, StrongLifts has a plan for you. Choose from pre-designed routines or create your own. The app provides expert-tested exercises proven to build muscle and strength.

Intelligent Progress Tracking:

StrongLifts tracks your every rep and set, automatically adjusting weight recommendations to push you towards your goals. No more guesswork, just consistent progress and real results.

Here’s what makes StrongLifts stand out:

  • Effective Beginner Program: Start with the classic StrongLifts 5×5, featuring Squats, Bench Presses, Barbell Rows, Overhead Presses, and Deadlifts. Three workouts per week, 45 minutes each – perfect for busy schedules.
  • Advanced Options: As you progress, unlock more exercises and customize your routine to target specific muscle groups.
  • Video Tutorials: Learn proper form with instructional videos for every exercise. Train safely and maximize your results.
  • Automatic Rest Timer: Stay focused and on track with built-in rest timers that adapt to your workout intensity.
  • Detailed Progress Tracking: Visualize your gains with weekly charts and graphs that track your weight, reps, and sets. Stay motivated and see your hard work pay off.
  • Google Fit Integration: Sync your workouts with Google Fit for a holistic view of your fitness journey.
  • Weight Unit Support: Use kilograms, pounds, or any other unit you prefer. StrongLifts adapts to your needs.
  • Automatic Data Backup: Never lose your progress! StrongLifts automatically backs up your training data to the cloud.

StrongLifts is free to download and use. Try it today and experience the difference!

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log


For: Android, iOS,


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