Tango- Live Stream, Video Chat

Tango- Live Stream, Video Chat

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About Tango- Live Stream, Video Chat

Tango is an application that allows users to easily connect with friends and family members or make new friends. Make video and voice calls, send messages, play games, share music from Sportify, livestream and more, all for free. Join over 100 million users around the world using Tango as the leading social and entertainment messenger

Outstanding features

  • Best video calls: Call the people you care about, hear their voices and see their faces in the best quality for free.
  • Free international calls: Tango offers free domestic and international calls to any phone number in the US, Canada, Mexico, and India. Tango also offers international calls around the world at low costs.
  • Masks: Make your friends laugh by wearing all kinds of digital masks during video calls. You are free to choose from a rich and ever-growing collection of vibrant masks. Your face on the screen can transform into any selected character. The mask will move with your every movement.
  • Full featured: Send and receive texts, stickers, photos, videos and location messages on Tango.
  • Have fun: Don’t just video call, have fun while chatting by sending stickers, adding filters, and playing games.
  • Groups: Talk with family, friends, colleagues, in events at the same time. Use Tango to keep in touch as a team. Send text, photos, videos, stickers… to the group.
  • Video calling, texting, international calling… free and easy to use
    • No login or password required – create an account in seconds.
    • Automatically find friends who are using Tango.
    • Calling and texting work just like on a phone.
    • Works on most smartphones, tablets and PCs.
    • Great quality on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • High quality and stable calls
    • High voice and video call quality.
    • Private chat and group chat with up to 50 participants.
    • Personalize your profile with status updates and photos.
    • Easily find friends, make new friends, or find people you may know.
    • Listen and share songs powered by Spotify.
    • Challenge friends, send gifts and climb the leaderboards in recommended games.
    • Edit photos and share with friends.
    • Find all photo and video files in the central library.
    • Personalize calls and messages with cool animations.
    • Play mini games or share photos during calls.

Tango is free for users to download and only takes a few seconds to register. With just one tap, invite friends via email or text message to use Tango with you.

Tango- Live Stream, Video Chat

Tango- Live Stream, Video Chat


For: Android, iOS,


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