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TikTok Shop Seller Center

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About TikTok Shop Seller Center

TikTok Shop Seller Center app allows sellers to manage their TikTok Shop via mobile phone. The app is developed by the same Chinese company that created the popular TikTok entertainment app.

This software has many useful features, not limited to seller registration, product management, order management, return & refund management, customer service and data analysis. Use the TikTok Shop Seller Center app to grow your TikTok Shop business now.

Outstanding features

One-stop user shopping experience

  • TikTok Shop Seller Center offers a unique new way to drive direct sales through TikTok’s innovative content and discovery system.
  • Reach millions of TikTok buyers using TikTok Shop Affiliate and recruit creators to promote and sell products for you.
  • Strong ecosystem of sellers, creators and buyers (as TikTok users)

Great benefits for new Sellers

0% commission fee.
Free shipping and product subsidies, along with thousands of discount vouchers for users.
Increase traffic for videos and live streams.

Strong community support

Start your business and join the amazing TikTok Shop seller community with A-Z training to help you grow faster

Monthly campaigns to grow your business 20x

Watch your business grow faster with massive TikTok Shop campaigns that deliver high traffic and great support.

How to register for TikTok Shop Seller Center

Step 1: Register

It only takes 2 minutes. Use your phone number and email to sign up or sign up with your TikTok account.

Step 2: Download the license

Upload your registered Business License if you’re registering for a company account or your ID if you’re registering for a personal account. Note: Documents must be scanned in color, 2-sided, and clear to read.

Step 3: Link TikTok account
Link your TikTok account and sell through short videos and live streams.

Step 4: Upload your products
Upload your first products and start selling.

TikTok Shop Seller Center

TikTok Shop Seller Center


For: Android, iOS,


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